Monday, May 25, 2009

May 24th, 2009 - Three Shows

The last day of Choas in Tejas... I went to 3 shows today (actually, the ONLY Choas day I attended this year). One was a free show at The Parlor, another at Emo's & the last one at Red 7. I didn't photograph every band that played. Gimme a break - sometimes I get lazy or I just like to watch. Sue me.

Here are some images from the day... click here

This is who you will see: Mind Eraser, Iron Age (@ Red 7 ) - Hatred Surge, No Man's Slave, I Resign, Naw Dude (@ Emo's) - & The Dead Space (@ The Parlor).

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cro-Mags/Trash Talk/Your Mistake

The Cro-Mags are one of my all time favorite bands. My old band used to cover "We Gotta Know" (badly, I'm afraid). Their album "Age of Quarrel" is a hardcore classic. I've now had the opportunity to see them (Cro-Mags jam) twice within the last year. This show was at The Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar in San Antonio. Cro-Mags played Choas in Tejas this year at Emo's in Austin the day before this show, but I opted to see the San Antonio show in a little smaller venue (something about Emo's outside stage has always bothered me - it's not as intimate, I guess). As it turns out, I was on stage during the Cro-Mags set standing not more than 3 feet from Craig Ahead the entire time. It was an honor to take pictures of them. Click here for the photos.

The kids at this show simply WENT OFF for Trash Talk. They sang nearly every word of every verse they played. I've seen them a few times in Austin, but this was by far the best Trash Talk show I have ever seen. Pics here.

This was also my first opportunity to see Your Mistake from Houston. It was a great set. Their drummer quit the band a few days before this show (wtf!?!). So they reached out to their original drummer to fill in for this show. I couldn't tell because they sounded great. Pics here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Earth Crisis/Reign Supreme/Unholy/For The Glory

I recently got a new f/1.8 50mm lens. This show was the first show using the new lens. So this was mostly an experiment in low light/no flash photography (okay - there are a few w/ the flash). I'm also not used to the crazy depth of field this lens has. But there are still a few great pics in these sets. I can tell I will be having some fun with this lens in the future. Links below...

Earth Crisis
Reign Supreme
For The Glory

Sunday, May 3, 2009

TXHC Superbowl

Or is Superbowl two words? Ehm....

Texas Hardcore Super Bowl.

Who knows. I like two words better.

I didn't get to stay for the whole show, but I managed to get some pics of The Dry Heaves, Power Trip, The Red Alert & Fight Pretty. Sadly I missed Bitter End, On My Side and several others. I'm going to be lazy a NOT post individual links for each photo album Just click here. I have faith that you possess that basic of all abilities to hunt and find the pictures for yourself.

The Tudors are on so why am I still on this computer? It's good to be the king.